About Us

All International and the National Research Council of Turkey is the clear market leader Rey-Nak according to the report. Turkey is one of the basic partial organizations. Rey-Nak’s success has created a safe haven by minimizing the costs of large and medium sized companies, Baltic countries and CIS transport costs. Rey-Nak, the main activity on the Baltics and the CIS complete transportation in Turkey, especially multimodal and offers after-sales service.

The main complex and partial transportation points we have realized;

• Russia complex and partial
• Ukrainian complex and partial
• Kazakhstan complex and partial
• Belarus complex and partial
• Uzbekistan complex and partial

In addition to these, Multimodal, Lowbed, Sal chassis alternatives offer alternative options.

Our Vision

Turkey, from end to end integrated into the geography of Russia and CIS countries strong and capable leader in logistics services logistics company / brand to be.

Our Mission

Innovative, innovative, fast and reliable solutions to our customers by blending innovations in the logistics sector with our experience in modern technology, sector and region, and to pass all of these solutions to the environment in a sensitive manner.